Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

The joinery that we undertake is a division of woodworking and carpentry. By effectively combining multiple materials together (such as wood and timber) we can produce more complex products. The products we produce range anywhere from staircases to bespoke frames for television sets.

Our work in joinery involves anything from replacement services to complete refurbishments of furniture or spaces. We view every project with personal responsibility and concern ourselves with the utmost details for every project.

The art of our joinery process comes from a history of experiences and refined expertise in our trade. We thoroughly enjoy new challenges and find it effortless to apply our knowledge to new situations. In the time that we have been established, we have considered traditional, non-traditional and contemporary practises.

Various materials must be used to meet the demands of a project itself. For example, strength, flexibility and appearance are important, however strength of a material may have more significance over appearance if stability is required.

With all projects that we take on, we believe that it is vital to communicate with a client, understanding the requirements they may have, as well as advising ideal solutions. Liaising proves beneficial between those involved in a project, thus reaching their goal efficiently.